Design + Build Process


The season in your life when you have the opportunity and the means to have a quality deck built is a special one. You want it done right, and we do not do anything any other way. Our process allows us to get to know you, understand your goals, find a budget number that works, design something perfect, then build your deck to the highest standard.


Est. Time to Complete


It is about time we got to know one another. Every initial consultation happens in person, and we take the time to understand your space, your needs, your style, and your budget. When we have the information we need, we shake hands and begin preparing a free estimate.


2-5 business days after Consultation


Transparency is important in the estimation process, so we take a comprehensive approach, rather than the simpler price-per-square-foot method. We provide a labour and materials breakdown for each of the key steps: demolition, foundation, framing, decking, railings, and accessories.
Every estimate is obligation-free, and will be tailored to your budget.


Scheduled prior to job date


When a budget has been agreed upon, we will formalize the deck plan as a drawing or a digital 3D render. We will detail the products to be used, and ensure you are comfortable with the timeline. The purpose of this phase is to eliminate the chance of a surprise. We prefer to delight you with a project that goes exactly as planned.


Commencing on project start date


We have built our reputation on a solid foundation: the foundations that our decks are built on. We know a sound base is critical, so we determine whether screw piles or concrete are best suited to the project, then move forward with the ideal solution.


Immediately after foundation


Once the foundation has been completed, we will frame the deck using brown pressure treated framing to maximize longevity. We will install G-tape on all beams to ensure stability and protection against water damage for the lifetime of the deck.


Next day after framing


Once framing has been finished, we lay the high-quality decking that was chosen to fit your aesthetic and your budget considerations. As Calgarians, we understand that your deck is not only going to be rained on, but covered with ice and snow that has to (eventually) melt, so water management is key. We keep the little things in mind so you can focus on the big things, like enjoying time with family and friends on your outdoor living space.


Immediately after decking


Often it is accessories that get the most attention when guests see your deck for the first time. We know exactly how important things like stairs, lighting, railings, pergolas, and privacy walls can be to the enjoyment of your outdoor space. We offer and install the finest accessories made by the world’s best suppliers.

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