Deck Types


As part of the assessment process, we will work with you to determine the best type of deck for your outdoor space. We will factor the landscape, your house, and your budget into the decision process, and design a deck that is perfect for you.

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If you have a walkout basement, there are a number of reasons to put care and attention into your decking choices. Your deck will act as a shelter for the basement entrance, so it is important to consider water management, so that water is not dripping onto the entrance. Additionally, stairs and lighting both play key roles in the design and build of walkout decks.

Ground Level

The most classic type, ground level decks require planning to ensure natural transitions from indoor to outdoor to lawn/garden/ground. They also present some of the greatest opportunities for add-ons like hot tubs, which must be considered during the planning process.


Multi-Level decks have become increasingly more common as decking materials and accessories have improved in quality, and we see every multi-level deck as an opportunity to stretch our design muscles. Vertical flow is something we keep in mind when considering the stairway and lighting requirements of multi-level decks.

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